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How to Build the Perfect Outdoor Deck for your Tahoe Cabin

The Truckee Deck Builders local choice. The Tahoe mountain environment is extreme to say the least. Because  of our sunny days, clear blue skies and cold (even in the summer!) nighttime temperatures, our decks need to be built to withstand the  high-desert and low humidity climate. Eagle Bear Construction has the  experience to help you select the best deck options for our  unique conditions.

The Best Wood For A Tahoe Deck

Decks are constructed from manufactured composites or hardwoods, such as con-heart redwood, or  cedar. There are pros and cons to both options. New manufactured decking  can now tolerate our rugged environment, requires minimal maintenance,  and is easy to install. However, it can get very hot in the summer  months. Hardwood is softer on the feet and has a more beautiful look,  but requires more maintenance. Cost-wise, the two options even  themselves out. Composites are quicker to assemble and cost more per  square foot, while wood is cheaper but requires more labor to sand and  stain.

The next step is selecting a top rail.  Most composite decking companies have complete systems to create a  seamless look. For wood decks, options include thicker planks or metal.

How The Deck is Constructed

Mountain modern homes often combine steel posts with cable deck railings. Cable  deck railings or welded steel are expensive to purchase, require no  maintenance (other than the occasional tightening), and withstand the  elements with ease. Glass panels are another option for a modern-look.  Wooden posts and hog wire panels are increasingly popular in the basin.  And wooden pickets offer a classic feel and lower price point.

Deck Maintenance and Winter Snowfall

One  of the toughest parts of Tahoe decks is cleaning all the snow off them!  It’s much easier to push through than go up and over deck railings,  especially when our Sierra cement dumps down. This makes cable deck  railings a great option because the cables can easily slice through the  snow.

Deck Design Based on Your Toys

To offset the cold of winter or the  brisk lake temperatures, many Tahoe homeowners have hot tubs. Hot tubs  are very heavy, and require additional deck bracing. Decks must  oftentimes be re-engineered and brought to code. One of the best parts  of mountain living is nighttime star-gazing from your hot tub. Many  homeowners are adding sturdy, wooden, slat-type screens built up around  their hot tub for additional daytime and nighttime privacy.  Additionally, many clients prefer an under-the-top rail cable lighting  that creates a down-light glow to minimize light pollution.

Snow loads and roof shedding are other factors that require more heavy-duty bracing and design.

Tahoe Deck Fire Prevention

With fire danger recently at all-time highs, the US Forest Service has  currently banned the use of all charcoal BBQ’s. Many homeowners chose to  run a propane line directly to their gas BBQ’s during deck remodels.

Under the Deck Storage

Tahoe  is known for both its adrenaline-fueled and peaceful nature-seeking  sports, like mountain biking or paddleboarding. Because sun-exposure is  brutal for all the equipment, and many Tahoe homes lack garages,  under-the-deck toy storage becomes a priority. Whether it’s building an  enclosure or efficient racks, many homeowners like this upgrade when  remodeling or designing a deck.

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Let’s Summarize

  • Decks in Tahoe are built from manufactured composites or hardwoods to withstand the high-desert and low humidity climate.
  • Composite decking is newer, requires minimal maintenance, and is easy to install but can get hot in the summer. Hardwood has a more beautiful look but requires more maintenance.
  • The next step is selecting a top rail – most composite companies have complete systems, while wood decks have options including thicker planks or metal.
  • Cable deck railings or welded steel are expensive to purchase but require no maintenance and withstand the elements with ease. Glass panels are another option for a modern-look while wooden pickets offer a classic feel at a lower price point.
  • • To offset the cold of winter or brisk lake temperatures, many Tahoe homeowners have hot tubs which require additional deck bracing that must oftentimes be re-engineered and brought up to code.
  • • Snow loads and roof shedding are other factors that require more heavy-duty bracing and design in Tahoe decks .

Now that you know a little more about what kind of deck is right for you and your home in Tahoe, it’s time to start thinking about the next steps. At Eagle Bear Construction, we can help you with every phase of your deck upgrade project. We offer a wide range of services from demolition to final touches like choosing the perfect railing. To get started, simply fill out our Job Request form and one of our team members will be in touch shortly to discuss your project in further detail.

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